Re-vamping our store lay-out here at Calico headquarters

Thought I’d share some recent inspiration we found on the www:

I absolutely LOVE the clean, modern design of Moschino in Chelsea! I am totally obsessed with the white industrial space, sleek silver metal fixtures, and minimal merchandising!

I also love these shots of Anthropologie, London! Especially the design featuring the faded Union Jack’s and face-outs of red, white, and blue garments! Red, white, and navy is probably my all-time favorite color combo! Timeless and modern at once, it evokes New England summers, sailboats, the 60’s British Invasion, the American Revolution!

Stay tuned for pics of our revamped NB storefront, coming soon! And be sure to follow us on Twitter @shopcalico, where we’re doing a little giftcard giveaway as we speak!



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Elissa founded Calico in downtown New Bedford, MA in 2005. She can usually be found at Calico HQ snapping pics for Instagram and heading up photoshoots with the team!

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