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I regard New Year’s Eve as a sort of fashion free for all. The one time of year you’re obliged to wear something sequin-spangled, floor-length, studded in spikes, or generally out-fucking-rageous basically where ever you go. Usually, I inwardly-mock all those who dare sport jeans, cotton/lycra blends, or anything un-high-heeled on the most festive and formal night of the year.

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December 31, 2008: Cody wore a vintage gold metallic 60’s mini dress with giant feather lashes–and copious amounts of Jack! (haha) and I wore an asymmetric silver pleated dress from indie brand, Rojas.

But, last night was New Year’s Eve, and I am sad to say New Year’s Twenty Ten was the year of the fashion wank-out! It snowed pretty much all day, transforming the streets and sidewalks into icy, slush-spewed obstacle courses, come evening. As you might imagine, this did not put Team Calico in the best of moods for our New Year’s Eve ensembles. In fact, Calico’s first collective New Year’s resolution is to spend next New Year’s visiting friends, in party dress-friendly LA!

A few weeks back, however, our spirits and closets had yet to be dampened by the onset of another classic New England winter. Cody and I got all dolled up for an evening of music and mayhem at Tazza Caffe.

The event was a jazz-age-inspired cabaret called Chiffarobe, and Cody and I took the opportunity to rock some serious vintage!


IMG_9780I wore a 30’s-style platinum gold gown; I just recently discovered this spectacular piece at a thrift shop and couldn’t believe my eyes! Although it’s not authentic vintage 30’s, the insane color and quality of the satin make it super-glamorous and chic! I am so psyched I had a place to wear it! I paired this little number with a couple simple accessories – long, shimmery 70’s earrings and a chunky vintage charm bracelet – and I finished the look off with matching OPI nail color, “Golden Rules.”



IMG_9867_vig2Cody wore a vintage kimono with an 80’s leather and rope wrap belt (borrowed from yours truly), vintage black suede YSL shoes, her insane fur trim vintage coat and her usual tons of layered vintage rings and bracelets – including this dangly coin ring, I am absolutely obsessed with!


The show was so much fun! $35 got us a VIP status, which included a front row table with complimentary scotch, hand-rolled cigars, chocolates, and plenty of hors d’ouevres!

13936_570500111456_41502113_33431622_7697801_nThe Minsky Sisters, tap-dancing duet!




IMG_0104Sparkles McTitsy wowed us with her old-school striptease and strategically-placed (and popped!) balloons

Plus, there were portraits by candle light and tarot card readings for a small fee, as well as vintage offerings from local dealer, Fidget Finds, and handmade accessories from downcity’s Queen of Hearts boutique.

We had such a great time, and we’re so excited that Chiffarobe’s creator, Kristin “Minksy” has asked Calico to participate in this month’s event, January 22nd! Please stay tuned to the blog for details and cross your fingers it doesn’t SNOW!

Happy New Year!



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