Remembering Chanel

I’ve been doing some New Year’s-inspired computer organization, and I just found a few shots of this amazing Chanel exhibition I saw at The Met, back in 2005. Of course, photography was strictly prohibited, so I had to be really sneaky and didn’t snap too many! It was a really spectacular exhibit–The lighting and installation was gorgeous, and everything was arranged chronologically and accompanied by quotes from Coco Chanel.






I am pretty much freaking out over this strapless gown with GIANT gold cuff.

I also saw a retrospective of Tim Hawkinson at The Whitney, during that trip–probably the most wonderful art shows I’ve ever seen. Wish I had pics of that, too! Here are the friends who accompanied me, instead:

DSC02237My lovely Amelia, Al, and Matt. We had SUCH fun.

Wow! Can’t believe it’s been five whole years since then!…



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