Red Carpet Ready

I don’t normally watch the red carpet stuff. However, Oscars tweets totally sucked me in last night! Here’s my take on some of the best, worst, and weirdest celeb looks!

One of my fave looks of the night was Rachel McAdams.

A pretty standard concept, but I can’t resist! I love the fairytale princess silhouette, the messily up-swept hair, and the finishing touch of the chandelier earring. I also like this watercolor-y print, which is unusual for formal evening wear. I thought this dress walked the line between classic and current perfectly. Kinda safe? But what the hell.

I also loved Nicole Richie.

I thought she looked totally stunning, channeling the late 60’s/early 70’s glamor of Bianca Jagger or Bridget Bardot. The large, high bun was reminiscent of the voluminous falls and exaggerated beehives of that era.

She even did a a super-stylized, mod eye.

I thought Nicole carried off all these disco-era elements without looking at all costume-y. On the other hand, Her hubby, Joel Madden, on the other hand? Could take a few cues from Tom Ford.

Love his super-fitted suit. And close-shaven beard. So dapper! I wish there was a shot of his cuff links. Double-swoon.

On to the adorable Carey Mulligan.

I really want to like this look! Because it’s Prada, and this girl is so freaking cute!! I do love the embellishment on the front of this gown–it’s encrusted in tiny charms of scissors, corkscrews, and forks! But Carey, this hemline is just not working on you, babe! You need to take some of those darling, miniature scissors and chop it off about four inches above the knee! Poof!–It’s suddenly a smashing party frock! Oh, if only…

Kathryn Bigelow

How unfortunate! This gorgeous woman was the first female EVER to win the Oscar for Best Director. And she accepted her prestigious, historic award in this matronly snooze-fest of a gown.  It somehow joins the equally gag-inducing fashion poles of mother-of-the-bride and prom discount rack. At least the fit is flattering, I guess–but the color, the non-existent neckline! And… is she wearing, like, a red. LiveStrong wristband??

Now it’s getting heavy.

What the hell happened to Charlize?

Who decided this bust was a go? And people! Who decided this at DIOR?? I am so confused by this whole thing; I have no further comment.

Finally, SJP.

Now, keep in mind, I am not a Sarah Jessica Parker fan by any means; in fact, I tend to bitterly correct people who gush over her fabulous style. (“No, Carrie Bradshaw has fabulous style. Patricia FIELD has fabulous style,” I inform them.) But I was actually really into this look for a hot minute. I like that Sarah’s red carpet ensemble is avant garde, non-traditional, and unexpected–not a “safe” choice at all. The length is perfect, the layered bracelets and chunky rings are dead on.

Look! She even has a Chanel temporary tattoo! (via

But then I saw the back…

What the hell is going on below the bum?? It looks like she accidentally sat on a 70’s disco applique! I hate to tell you, but this is Chanel Couture.

I know. That was upsetting. Here’s Tom Ford again:



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Elissa founded Calico in downtown New Bedford, MA in 2005. She can usually be found at Calico HQ snapping pics for Instagram and heading up photoshoots with the team!

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NYFW: Saturday with John/Twinkle & Irina Shabayeva

I arrived in NYC the day before my Calico comrades and rushed to the tents at Bryant Park to fetch my press pass. (It was our first time having press passes, and we were pretty psyched about it.)

As soon as I got my pass, I headed straight for the tents with my buddy, Leila, and we dashed to make it to the Twinkle by Wenlan show at the Promenade.

I had received an invite to the show, but was bummed to hear we only had standing room once we arrived. My favorite part of Twinkle was when I was bumped from standing room to an actual seat–in the second row!! I was ecstatic and it allowed me to snap some great shots of the runway with my Blackberry!

I liked the ultra-wearable chunky knits and military-inspiration in this collection

Elissa found these these shots of the Twinkle make-up and nail design at All Lacqured Up –We love the smokey coal hued eyes and satin nail polish for fall 2010–what a great update on the matte trend!

Right after the Twinkle show, we hit up Irina Shabayeva, the season six winner of Project Runway. It was really tough to get good shots of this show, as the lighting made everything blown out, but here are my faves via the MBFW website:

Loving the strong shoulders, intricate cut-outs, and exotic feathers from this collection

I also got the best swag bag ever, which came with lipgloss and tupperware–SCORE! LOL



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Elissa founded Calico in downtown New Bedford, MA in 2005. She can usually be found at Calico HQ snapping pics for Instagram and heading up photoshoots with the team!

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NYFW, Day Three: On the Town with Tom Bob

On our third day in New York, Tom Bob took us out on a non-fashion-, non-blogging-related excursion. There is nothing like galivanting with a true New Yorker in New York! Someone who knows all the best bars, restaurants, landmarks, art shows, and–in T.B.’s case–has a photographic memory for New York trivia.

“This is where Madonna gets the paper in Desperately Seeking Susan,” he says. “She picks up three papers, throws two down, goes in the store and sells her jacket.”

I mean, how many times has he seen that movie???

Anyway, on Wednesday, went went site-seeing and gallery-hopping. Tom Bob is an accomplished painter and connoisseur of art, in general. I really love his small works on paper:

From Tom Bob’s series Anewmals

We made a quick jaunt from T.B.’s apartment on the upper west side, across a snowy Central Park, to The Met. I hadn’t been in years, and it was great to see the Sargents, Pollocks–everything!

Cody poses with a Cody-like John Singer Sargent

Foreground: John and Cody look at ‘Continuous Mile,’ a mile of hand-beaded rope by artist, Liza Lou. Background: Damien Hirst’s ‘The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living’

Detail of Liza Lou’s beaded rope: Crazy, right? LOVE this piece.

The next stop was the Damien Hirst exhibit at Gagosian. You’re not supposed to take pictures, but I snuck this one with my Blackberry:

I pretended I was texting, but the guard was on to me. He firmly instructed me to cease and desist, and I sulked away, guilty.

I wish I would’ve snapped one of the butterfly mandalas and “stained glass” instead–those are my favorites, after the creepy dead things, of course! This particular exhibition featured a real, severed bull’s head preserved in formaldehyde. Kinda terrible, kinda peaceful, kinda funny (its tongue was sticking out slightly, mockingly.) Classic Hirst.

Next, we headed to the meat-packing district, to check out an art show by LA-based “street artist,” Mr. Brainwash.

Installed in a phenomenal and gigantic warehouse space with two floors, the Warhol-esk paintings, sculptures, and prints were flanked with posh Design Within Reach-style modern furniture. (Particularly awesome, when you’ve been trolling Manhattan, trying to keep up with Tom “The Fastest Walker” Bob all day!)

The work is controversial due to its contrived style and subject matter. Tom Bob maintains that this is an intentional joke, and I’d tend to agree. Whether literal art or not, the show, entitled Icons, is captivating because of it’s pop-y familiarity and inclusion of all your favorites: silkscreened and paint-splattered prints of Madonna, Tom Ford, Galliano, Basquiat, and Kate Moss hang in a grid-like pattern on brightly-primed walls.

We had a fun time picking our our faves and identifying the more obscure icons of the pack.

“Who’s that, Teeb? William Burroughs?”

“No, that’s Norman Rockwell!”

T.B. Cody & me

I knew nothing about the artist, beforehand, and he was impressively friendly and delightfully French (being a mono-lingual American, I love anything with an accent!)

After scoring some signed posters, which the artist assured us we could sell on eBay with his blessing (“I don’t mind: You get what you need,” he told us. “You need art, you get art. You need a car, you get money.”) we ventured back out into the streets, where this fab window sucked me into the Moschino store:

The lovely girls at Moschino allowed us to snap a couple pics of me wearing this amazing bedazzled-as-fuck leather jacket. Only like 2,500 money-bills. No big whoop. Totes, I almost bought it!

Baubles and mirrors and studs–Oh my!

Our final destination in the meat-packing district was the Alexander McQueen store. We just wanted to, like, pay our respects, or whatever. When we walked in the door, the over-powering scent of several sprays of slightly-wilted lilies made me instantly tear up.

Memorial outside the McQueen boutique

When I posted about McQueen’s death a couple weeks ago, I titled the entry “RIP McQueen,” but I’ve noticed Betsey Johnson and others declaring “Long Live Mcqueen” and I like that sentiment better.



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Elissa founded Calico in downtown New Bedford, MA in 2005. She can usually be found at Calico HQ snapping pics for Instagram and heading up photoshoots with the team!

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