Boston Fashion Week is in full swing, and Monday night, Cody and I joined our Beantown posse at Mizu Salon to check out Nirva’s Spring/Summer collection.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces…

This gauzy white mini was one of the first looks to walk the runway. I wish I had better pics, because the design is gorgeous and the construction is flawless. I especially love the unexpected element of the chopped off peplum in back, which you can… sorta see in the above pic.

Another fave of mine, this magenta satin party dress with intricate coiled rope rosettes! Gorge!

I love the flattering bodice of this gown, as well as the flowing side panels. The black graphic print is a little intense for me. I wish it were a more subtle watercolor-y pattern, like some of Nirva’s other pieces.

This gown closed the show, and, yeah, it was pretty much show-stopping! In a collection of otherwise quite wearable and feminine pieces, I love that Nirva choose to incorporate an element of pure avant garde, in this dramatic, structured collar.

Designer, Nirva Derbekyan gets a well-deserved standing ovation

Selah D’or designer, David Chum with Twitter personality, @BostonMo

Team Contra

Love! <3

Totally obsessed with Heather’s tatter-ific top from Rescue on Newbury

Nirva & David, lookin’ all hot — LOVE D’s vintage spats!

Cody & me pretending to dish

Cody’s awesome accessories


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