Must-Have Monday: Over The Knee Boots

Hey there, fellow fashionista’s!

My name is Aimee; I’m just your average coffee-loving, fashion-obsessed, blog-writing twenty-year-old. I’m also Calico’s new “blog-tern,” and I’ll be bringing you my must-have fashion picks from Calico and beyond! Today, we’re talking over-the-knee boots…

Screw Elvis’ blue suede shoes, he should have sung about these black suede boots! I’m super-picky, when it comes to my footwear, but it’s official–these are the hottest pair of boots I’ve seen this season! Between the great quality of the suede and the cute buckle embellishment at the back, you’ll wanna wear these babies with everything in your wardrobe!

For a casual look, I’d pair these with my favorite pair of skinny’s and a lightweight blouse, like those pictured above! Each is under $30, and you can’t go wrong with cotton, right? I love the black and white collage print and the sheer paisley print, perfect for layering with a boxy blazer!

And if you’re going for a look that’s a bit dressier, you can trade in your blouse and skinnies for a dress. I love these vintage 90’s basics that you can cozy up with a cardigan and tights!

And there you have it! My first Must-Have Monday! Please visit next week for more must-have’s and check out my personal blog, The Aimee Show!



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