Must-Have Monday: I Heart Unicorns

It’s winter in New England, and–if you’re anything like me–you may find yourself having a tough time merely crawling out of bed, throwing on some clothes, and getting out the door. Primping and planning cute outfits isn’t always top priority, when you’re confronted with below zero temps and piles of slushy snow.

How to still feel fabulous, when it’s freezing out? What about a fresh, mood-boosting fragrance?

On a recent trip to Calico’s dNB headquarters, I became totally obsessed with their best-selling scent, “I Heart Unicorns,” from A Beautiful Life. Even the name sounds wonderful, and the smell is even better–I could barely put it back down on the shelf! In addition to I Heart Unicorns, Calico also carries two other A Beautiful Life scents, Variation #6 and Crush’d, as well as their roll-on essential oil blends, Smitten and Smitten Pink. A Beautiful Life fragrances are batch-crafted and hand-blended in the USA, and each scent is light, fresh, and unique!

So, even if your plans today include shoveling snow whilst clad in layers of flannel and Northface, a spritz of a fresh, girly fragrance, like I Heart Unicorns, will have you channeling your happy place until spring! I highly recommend to hit up Calico soon and sample this fragrance–chances are, you’ll be hooked, like I am!

Until next time, Lovelies!


Blogged By Elissa

Elissa founded Calico in downtown New Bedford, MA in 2005. She can usually be found at Calico HQ snapping pics for Instagram and heading up photoshoots with the team!

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