Mani Monday – Magnetic Nails

Our newest nail art obsession? Magnetic nail polish! Gotta love a mani that is super-easy, but looks totally incredible. If you covet incredible nail art, but are shaky-handed or short on time, magnetic nail polish is for you! Available in shades of blue, silver, magenta and more — this vivid metallic polish magically yields darker-hued patterns, when you hold a magnet (installed in the polish cap) over wet nails. You can also experiment with moving the magnet in different directions to create diagonal stripes and star bursts!

{We used Nails Inc. Magnetic Nail Polish from Sephora}


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Elissa founded Calico in downtown New Bedford, MA in 2005. She can usually be found at Calico HQ snapping pics for Instagram and heading up photoshoots with the team!

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