Label Love: Sophomore

Currently loving the label, Sophomore!


Their collection of baggy tees, short-shorts, and deconstructed dresses has me totally drooling! I also love their lookbooks, shot by Cass Bird. All accidental-like and grainy, these snapshot stories follow long-haired, simply-styled girls, while they flash their boobs at traffic, roll around in the grass with their boyfriends, and ride the handlebars of their friends’ bikes.




Creator, Chrissie Miller, began designing her line during her sophomore year of college – hence, the name! Since Sophomore’s debut, it’s garnered a following of celeb trend-setters like Jessica Stam, Lindsay Lohan, Bijou Phillips, and Cory Kennedy – The later two have even starred in Sophomore’s lookbooks.


I’ve picked my favorite pieces from the Fall 2009 collection, which – SURPRISE – are mainly black and white!fw097a

But seriously. How can you go wrong with monochromatic slouchy tanks, leather hotpants, and black sheer tights? Perfect for french kissing, bike-riding, and partying the night away!



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