Team Calico is loving the most recent collection from, our friend, David Chum’s line, Selah D’or.

Trained in fine art, David has never taken a sewing class. Or a pattern drafting class. Or a draping class. And this is only his third collection. He continues to wow me with his innovative and ambitious work. (He vehemently refuses, despite my practical urging, to create a graphic tee.)

Fall 2010 is the first Selah D’or collection to embrace the color black, has a dark, gothic-chic vibe, inspired by “the destructive side of nature.” David’s mood board for the collection includes shots of spiderwebs, cyclones, ice caves, and butterfly cocoons, as well as shots of 70’s fashion icons, Abba, current fashion icon, Lady Gaga, and classic silouettes from 50’s Dior.

My personal favorite pieces are style 3004, pictured above, and 3101, worn with the chain apron, pictured below. They are both surprisingly easy-to-wear–yes, even the chain belt–and the full, short skirts and nipped waists are so flattering on a range of figures!

Check out for the Fall collection pre-sale, and stayed tuned to, where we’ll be offering a few select pieces in the coming weeks!



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