A little straw hat is one of this season’s biggest trends!

I’ve always been a fan of this summer staple, so I thought I’d share a little DIY tutorial to refresh and personalize your old straw hat!

I purchased this one from American Eagle a few years ago. (I know, American Eagle–kind of gross–but I shopped all day and this really was the best one! And? It was only like 5 bucks!)

It’s been shoved in the trunk of my car since last summer!…

But here’s a quick tip to refresh anything made of woven straw: Just spritz it with a little water til it is just slightly damp. Then, reshape and let dry. Voila!

Here is what you will need to personalize your own straw hat!

> Strong hold glue–I like Quick Grip; it’s available at any craft store.  I like this brand, because it’s sticky like rubber cement–you can lift and reposition–but also dries pretty quickly and doesn’t have a strong smell.
> Feathers
> Straight pins, to help hold things in place
> Scissors

I wanted my hat to have a masculine/nautical feel, so I chose a navy colored grosgrain ribbon and layered it with a slightly thinner red ribbon with navy pinstripes.

1. First, cut the ribbon so it just slightly overlaps the circumference of your hat, creating your hat band. Glue in place, making sure to place the seam on the side of the hat you want to add your embellishments. (Tip: Don’t go crazy with the glue! Just a little will keep your embellishments secure. I only glued the seam and four points around the hat; that way, I will be able to remove this easily if I decide to switch it up later!)

2. To make a little bow: Cut two lengths of ribbon (if you are layering, then two of each) one about 8 inches and the other about 4 inches. (Tip: I like to use little drops of glue to ensure my layered ribbons stay centered.)

(Click an image to view it larger!)

3. Create a loop with your 8” ribbon and glue in place. With the smaller cut piece, wrap around the center, to create a bow, remember to cover your seam on the underside, glue in place, and trim any extra.

5. Now, just glue the bow in place to cover seam you’ve made with your hat band.

6. Poke some feathers through the hat, underneath the ribbon. You can strip down the fluffy feather bits towards the bottom for a sleeker look. (Tip: I didn’t glue my feathers in place, because I’ll probably change them or add more as I find treasures on the beach this summer!)

Ta-dah! My finished product!

This is a great way to make an average, inexpensive straw hat look unique and feel more personal.

Stay tuned for an up-coming outfit post featuring mon chapeau. I’m sure I will be wearing it to death this summer!

Good Luck!



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