Hair Today…

Lately, I’ve been dying to cut my hair off!

I mean, it’s not even that long to begin with, but with an already hectic schedule and soon-to-be two store locations, I’m craving something short, chic, and easy to style.

Super-cropped styles, like the mid-90’s bowl cut and choppy textured pixie, are my all time fave’s…

Wilson Phillips - Greatest Hits - FrontLike Chynna Phillips, from Wilson Phillips.
(How much do you love her dress, by the way?)



And Chloe Sevignvy, circa Trees Lounge… Love this “mushroom” cut!


481katelanphear2Also dig the light on top/dark on the bottom situation. A la Kate Lanphear, Style Director of Elle: Bad-ass.

And I love this random chick’s look. I have no idea who this is.

IMG00379Cody and I accosted this random girl in Boston and took a Blackberry pic of her haircut – so cuuute!


0000194371-014Last, but certainly not least – Inez De La Fransange, Lagerfeld’s 80’s Chanel muse! (Don’t have the hair for this, but I’d love it on Cody!)

Wish me luck! I’m making an appointment for tomorrow afternoon! And I’ll be sure to share before & afters here on our blog!



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