…Gone Tomorrow!

Just got back from my hair appointment! As promised, before & after’s… Actually, I’m taking you behind the scenes via my Blackberry!

My amazing friend, Amelia, just relocated from Northampton to dNB, and today was the first day of her new job at Salon B in Dartmouth, MA! We’ve been scheming to cut my hair short for WEEKS, so I couldn’t wait to check out her new digs!

Amelia started my new style with a sort of “underneath halo” of low lights, my natural, dark shade. The top of my head was foiled with bright highlights and the whole shebang was toned an ash blond.

Next she cut off a good four inches of length – YIKES! – and shaped my hair in a blunt bowl cut – MOST of the way around… At first, I wanted to leave a “tail” at the very nape of my neck – like boys had, in the early 90’s…


0618bBut Amelia convinced me to relocate the rat tail, slightly to the side!


After a blow-out with my newest product addictions, Bumble+Bumble Styling Lotion and Thickening Spray, the results were official – I was LOVING my new ‘do!

Before: My Once-cute, since grown-out cut and shamefully unkempt roots!


After: Looking chic and making my best camera face – LOVES IT!

I can’t wait to accessorize my new style with big-ass earrings and bold lipstick! Thanks, Amelia and Salon B!



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