Gimme Gold + Diamonds

Since watching last night’s episode of The Rachel Zoe Project, I’ve been totally lusting over Taylor’s horizontal crucifix. Delicate, yet statement-making, this necklace is the ultimate in everyday chic!


Taylor’s original Roseark House Cross costs between $475 – $675 and is available in your choice of rose, white, or yellow gold – with or without diamonds, thank you very much! Lacking an extra $500 bucks or so, but still wanna get the look? Never fear, recessionista’s! We also found a ton of similar pieces for under $40 on everyone’s favorite craft emporium, Etsy.

But UGH! Let’s be real: Ain’t nothin’ like gold n’ diamonds!

A few more faves from Roseark:


Kathy Rose – Manta Ray Necklace

Unearthen – Quartz Necklace

(set in a .22 Bullet Casing)

Borgioni – Skull Bangle



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