Do It Like A Dude

Hi Everyone! I’m Christen, a wardrobe stylist and closet consultant, based out of Boston, MA. You’ve seen me once or twice here on the Calico blog, and I’m so excited to share some of my favorite fashion inspirations with Calico’s readers!

Recently, while researching an up-coming shoot, I found myself watching Jessie J’s new video ‘Do It Like A Dude’. Or, more specifically, obsessing on the black, crystal-studded lips she rocks in one of the shots! A little more digging, and I found out the make-up artist, Andrew Gallimore, and stylist, Chloe Richardson responsible for the video’s visual awesomeness. I’ve posted some of Gallimore’s magazine work above. Chloe Richarson mainly works with musicians. Check out Do It Like Dude (below) and find more videos she’s styles on YouTube (here, here, and here.) You can also follow her amazing Tumblr, My Stylist Says.

Stay tuned for more of my up-coming posts and check out my blog at Christen Mitchell Styling!

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