Braided Blondes

I absolutely LOVE the simple, yet chic hair in this spread–not to mention the covetable selection of chunky, cozy knits, sherling jackets, and Mongolian lamb fur coats!

I’m a big fan of the bowl cut; I had one last year, and shore it off for summer! Now, all I want is my China Phillips circa 1993 hair back! I’m all over this dramatic, eye-shielding version and its barely-strawberry hue!

And, when it comes to long locks, there’s nothing like a well-made braid for an infusion of instant style! I love the side-part-accentuating french braids, pictured above! Killer.


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Larkin // Nov 17, 2010 at 3:22 pm (Edit)

oh i SUPER love this- it reminds me of late 90′s mariah carey strung out on abba at the disco!

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{Images from Marie Claire, October 2010}


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